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Futures Exchanges are markets where financial institutions and individuals can trade a wide variety of commodities.

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How does commodity trading work? The most common way for trading commodities is to buy or sell a futures contract.

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A futures contract also obligates the holder to buy or sell a commodity at a predetermined price on a delivery date in the future. In CFD trading, once a commodity futures contract expires, a trader can either close the trade and open a new trade, or alternatively, allow the contract to roll over to the next month if possible.

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How are raw materials traded as commodities? There are 3 main asset classes of commodities: Energies or Energy Commodities — refers to a variety of oil and gasoline-derived products needed for vehicles, generators and other engines.

Metals, Precious Metals GoldSilverPlatinum, etc and Base Metals Copper, etc — refers primarily to Gold and Silver, originally used in the form of coins, bars and bullions, and issued by governments and central banks.

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Agriculture or Agricultural Commodities — consists of a wide range of soft commodities, i. Click here for a full list of tradable commodities at Plus Where can you find historical commodity prices?

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Our charts allow you to go back and visualise the prices of futures contracts on commodities for the current and previous months. You can use this information to draw upon past bitcoin ateities sandorių prekybos efektas and develop your trading strategies.

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In addition, you can use our Economic Calendar to view a range of potentially market-moving events that have occurred already or are expected in the future. These events are primarily available for Oil and Natural Gas.