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Earn, spend, save and learn at the same time! The app that helps provide financial skills for kids and teens.

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Pocket money Pocket money is managed via the app where also jobs can be proposed to increase the allowance. Spending responsibly A payment card for kids comes with the app and connects purchasing with lessons on spending. Get the young generation started on the path to financial well-being Poklet is an app for the whole family that teaches kids financial skills they easily can understand, practice and retain.

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A strong foundation of financial skills helps achieving life goals like owning your own house, education, or even going on a vacation. The app comes with a personal payment card for kids — connecting the interactive, chatbot-based lessons in the app with real life purchasing decisions.

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A financial educational užsidirbkite papildomų pinigų mokydamiesi internetu app Through everyday use of Poklet kids learn from experience and lessons in the app to make thought through decisions about how to use money. Payment card usage in a safe and controlled environment Poklet provides full transparency of monetary transactions As a parent you can see transactions, and change card settings to restrict usage The payment card transactions are under regulatory supervision compliant with financial regulations and governed by an EMI licence.

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How to get started 1 Parent and kid download the app from Dvejetainių opcionų praktikos sąskaita Play or App Store 2 Parent and kid app connects and get access to free lessons and advice 3 After having passed a remote identification parents top up the Poklet account from their bank 4 Parents can start sending money to their kid via the app 5 You apply for the payment card to be sent to you If you choose to order the card you get access to additional premium functionality such as a child debit card, additional lessons, and advice for parents.

The card is free of charge for 3 months and can be cancelled at any time.

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The card is connected to the Poklet account in the child app.